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Cost to UK business from warehouse fires in last five years

New research leads to calls for review of rules for warehouse sprinklers.

LONDON, England – The British economy has lost £1 billion in GDP
and 5,000 full-time jobs through preventable fires in
commercial warehouses over the last five years.
The cost is equivalent to the annual productivity of the
UK’s soft drinks industry and is revealed in a ground-breaking study


Fire Management
Having appropriate plans and procedures to help reduce the impact of a fire event on your business is a requirement in British law and a requirement of the majority of commercial insurance policies. Britrisk International can provide your business with a qualified and experienced fire safety specialist who can advise your business on the requirements of fire safety law. A fire safety adviser can also assist you to optimise the cost-effectiveness of your management of fire safety.

Fire Risk Assessments
Our fire advisers will carry out a comprehensive and legally compliant fire risk assessments of all your business premises. We can then work with you to ensure that any recommended improvements are implemented to reduce the overall risk of a fire. We can also support your business in carrying out training and evacuation drills to provide you with independent performance assessment to assist in improving your response to a fire alert.

Fire Safety Design Engineering
We can undertake any necessary fire design work following any modification to your premises or operations to ensure you remain legally compliant. We can also undertake the management of the work required to ensure the correct translation of the design to suppliers and installers.

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